In history books, or in the cinema, Cléopâtre's legend Is world-famous,

In particular for her eternal beauty and sound youth which she maintained thanks to the baths of donkey milk.

The analysis of the donkey milk show that it has dermatological qualities
By its significant number of vitamins A-B1-B2-B6-C-D-E

The important rate of proteïnes acts effectively against the effects of the skin aging, and regenerates the skin.

The Ingredients contained in our cosmetics in the donkey milk lead to a very good cosmetic, and a good anti-ageing effect.

In 19th century, in France, the donkey milk was known as a precious drink.

We use this good quality of milk for our cosmetics.
Our cosmetics contain 100 % Natural Cosmetics arises our production.

Meaning and impact of the vitamins of the donkey milk on our skin :

Vitamin A : feeds the skin and prevents wrinkles

Vitamins B1-B2-B6 : control the secretions of sebum, the skin becomes softer

Vitamin D : help to act effectively against: the eczema, the psoriasis, the dry skins, favors the regrowth of nails and hair

Vitamin C : acts effectively against fine wrinkles and wrinkles

Vitamin E : anti-ageing effect, fights the acne, protects the skin of the outer climatic elements
Ingredients in our cosmetics:

Donkey milk : 100 % natural : soft and soothing, the donkey milk is considered as its very strong regenerating power. Of composition close to the maternal milk, it is particularly well tolerated by the most sensitive skins, irritated, dry, even intolerant. An ingredient of choice for your cosmetics "sensitive skins", but also for every types of skins, which are normal, dry, acneïcs, thanks to the numerous vitamins contained in the ass's milk. Every vitamin will go into action according to the met skin type. Optimal hydration.

Beeswax : 100 % natural: known for its dermatological and beneficial virtues for sensitive skins and about problems, allied to the donkey milk, the participle in a good hydration of the skin. The psoriasis also calm down the eczema too.

Argan oil : 100 % natural: offer an optimal, very nourishing cutaneous protection.

Shea butter : 100 % natural : protect the skin against the climatic, regenerating attacks cutaneous, hydrate and feeds the in-depth skin.

Our cosmetics do not contain either GMO (GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM), or paraben, not comedogenic, not tested on animals.