Passionate about archaeology

Mrs Corinne LEON is the founder and manager of Mathilde B.

Graduated from Oxford and passionate about ancient Egypt, she decided to create her manufactoring site 

in the South-West of France.

Cleopatra was known for take donkey milk baths to maintain her legendary beauty.

Mathilde B, thanks to her laboratory, produces natural cosmetics made with donkey milk and Manuka Honey.

Forerunner in France and internationally, the products are sold in Europe, Middle East.

She promotes the quality and efficiency with 100 % plant components for all skin types.

Mathilde B continues to innovate by launching a new range of natural aloe vera, with the aim of achieving excellence to the 

greatest satisfaction of its customers.

The launch of her products in the USA will be her next challenge.

The Name of the Brand

A girl of the family, Mathilde, will be of use as model to the first creams.

Afterward, the first name Mathilde, synonym for femininity,

will be THE NAME of the BRAND.

B, as for him, meaning "Beauty"

A very attractive name for a brand of cosmetics.

Today, Mathilde, is the muse of the brand



                                                                                                 Mathilde (4 years old)                                                                         Mathilde (today)